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Scott Wynn and Sue Wilson in the Mornings

4 Simple Ways to be Happier

1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier to accomplish little tasks you’ve felt guilty about putting off. 2. Establish a loose morning and evening routine, because structure makes people surprisingly happy. 3. Eat one extra serving of veggies or fruit a day 4. Let yourself be sad when you’re [ ... ]

10 Simple Ways to Eat Better

From Askmen.com’s list of the 10 Ways to Eat Better in 2015: Replace fat-free foods with the regular version: Good fat doesn’t make you fat Swap ice cream for Greek yogurt. Stay away from vegetable oils. Use coconut oil, olive oil, butter Replace processed meats [ ... ]

MOVIE REVIEW - The Woman In Black 2:Angel Of Death

Someone explain to me why on earth do they make sequels to flicks that were really no big deal in the first place. Usher in The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death.

Daily Scoop week of January 5th

Today is Tell Us Something Good Tuesday, also the feast of the  - Epiphany and the 12th day of Christmas or Twelfth Night It's Cuddle Up Day.  On this day in 1975 Wheel Of Fortune debuts on NBC with Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford Thos coming Monday Night – Ohi [ ... ]

LOCAL GOLF - Dewsweepers Five Favorite Courses of 2014

Golf season for the Dewsweepers ended suddenly this fall.  We play Sunday mornings of course, and chronicle our rounds at only local courses here weekly.

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